Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Thursday, August 14, 2014

CCM Week 5

Honestly the days are molding together.  The weeklong days have turned into day long weeks.  Yes they aren´t all the same, but that´s what makes it so exciting.  I have begun to read the spanish scriptures aloud and the english set to the side so I can understand it better.  The reason I have taken so much more interest in doing this is because I was talking to a missionary the other day and he told me this promise.  If you read the entire Libro de Mormon voz alta (out loud) you will be fluent in that language you will be teaching by the time you finish the Libro de Mormon. 

It was an interesting challenge but I got started. I started reading in about chapter 45 in the book of Alma and it's talking about the account of Moroni and all of the events that occur during that time, from when he was a general at 25 to the sons of Helaman (I am almost done with Alma). I have noticed a subtle change in my life.  My spanish flows just a little easier out of my mouth, I am recognizing and understanding more español, and I have had the Espiritú Santo more fully in my life. Not saying anything has gotten any easier, but that I have been more in tune with the Spirit and I have been more humble. 

I truly love you guys and I am extremely overjoyed to hear about that great things you are doing back home. It builds my testimony that my family is striving to do the things that I wish I could've been better at.  Continue to serve, love others, and most importantly... love God.  When you do this the Lord will pour out innumerable blessings upon everyone you are in contact with.  Just like Adia.  I know that lives will continue to be blessed and will see the goodness of God and his love for them in our lives. 

yo amo todos ustedes mucho. 
Elder Benson

P.S. I love to hear the piano playing everyday and I hope that I can have the opportunity to play again soon. Love ya Mom and thanks for keeping me on the piano!!

I live off of these things. 

My comp in a wheel chair from an infection in his ankle. We ride around a lot.

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