Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blitzing for Baptisms

I really want to be
better at emailing you guys.  I think I am starting to figure it all
out. And Elder Taylor absolutely
loves the letter Brooke wrote him. He is "going to keep it forever"
yes he loved it.
One thing that has been going on for me, to keep you guys in the loop,
is the growth first of all.

My testimony has been stretched, pulled, and formed into something
much more powerful than is comprehend able right now. It has been
quite a ride. I have been going through times of great blessings and
miracles, and at the same time I have had to push on through feelings
of insufficiency and inability. I have felt a roller coaster of
feelings, most have been the ones I have just mentioned.
We have been getting a lot of work lately. Which has been a huge
blessing. There are days that we have so many lessons we have to
reschedule some for future days because other lessons go over time
because they are so good, or because there simply isn't time.

One family is on date for next week. So we are blitzing to get them
ready for their baptismal interview this Saturday. This family is
amazing. They do almost all the homework we give them and this
includes going to church for the past 3-4 weeks! Their grandma is the
only one not on date because she needs to quit smoking, but she is
showing a lot of promise. The 4 grandkids under her care are the ones
on date.

One more family is one that we just taught for the second time just
yesterday. They are so ready. They don't do anything against the word
of wisdom, except very infrequent beers. They share a lot the same
values of our church. At the end we were feeling the spirit so we
invited them to baptism! We didn't set a date but we plan on doing
that soon.

Your updates keep me going, especially when I get to see you guys grow
through the gospel. I promise to write more next time and they will be
better. I love you guys!

P.S. Conference was awesome! I don't have a favorite talk because they
were all so good!

P.S.S. We might have a bed bug problem.... We are taking a lot of
precautions right now. We are praying it was a false alarm.

Elder Nathan Benson

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