Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Priesthood Blessings in a Trailer Park

We recently had dinner with a part member family. The husband had just been baptized, but the rest are not members.  It was cool to meet them for the first time. As we had dinner and got to enjoy some time with them we shared a video about Jesus Christ ("Because of Him"). After showing the video we were able to find out that the son, who is just visiting for the weekend from Mexico, didn't have much of a belief in Christ or God. It was hard to hear that for me. We didn't go too deep for it looked like a subject that he didn't want to go into.  Instead, we continued to talk about the many blessings that come as we draw closer to Christ in thought, word, deed and action. As we came to a close of the lesson, the father asked for a priesthood blessing for a cold or something he had. We gave him the blessing and I was the mouthpiece. I could just say that every time I have had the opportunity to do so, I cannot help but feel the purpose that God has and His ultimate desire to help each and every one of us in any way he possibly can. 

As we finished the blessing, the little girl, who is about 9 years old, hopped right on the chair and asked for one too. We obviously couldn't say no to such a sweet desire. The blessing was just as sweet and loving with great council as well.

What really caught my attention was the grandma. She has participated a little and was starting to show desire. It was super cool because even though the father was the only one who was a member, the mom and daughter were the ones they taught the grandma how to pray correctly. (Super cool thing to see, even humbling) With the Spirit guiding her, she asked for a blessing as well of healing.  When we finished the blessing, it would be easy to say that she felt the Spirit, but I know for certain they I did.

Throughout this experience we were outside in a trailer-home park. The surrounding neighbors and traffic were a little noisy and impeded the Spirit. But as soon as the first blessing began, everything around us became still and silent to where the Spirit was around all of us. It was a sacred moment to behold and be apart of.

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