Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas, New Investigators, Baptismal Dates

So this past week it was a slower paced week due to the two days we stayed in for Christmas Eve and day.  I loved all the gifts and presents that you all sent!  We have been enjoying everything given to us and the great letters and expressions of recognition and love!  Thanks mom and dad for getting everything I asked for for Christmas.  I truly enjoyed reading the letters that everyone wrote.  They made that Christmas one of the best I have ever had.  

So I have solved the Rubix cube about 5-7 times already in my spare time. I have started more of the protein powder (I will jump higher ;).  The new case has protected my iPad-mini well (plus I get to stand out from all the black cases with one of my favorite colors, blue).  The letters warmed my heart and brought peace to my soul.  To see all of you was the best gift by far, however.  The love between all of us is so strong and I treasure every moment I get to communicate with you.  Getting to see all of you made my Christmas amazing.

Also, we have been dropping investigators lately and opening up more time to find new investigators.  Well... we got just that.  We were teaching people that are super close to being baptized, but the more we worked with them, we learned that we couldn't do more until they made the leap of faith.  So we starting looking for more people and all of the sudden we got three new families!  The husband is closed off to religion right now, but the mom is on fire!  The kids are cool as well.  Just to give you the picture of how prepared she is, our second lesson she accepted a baptismal date for January 17th! We have been working to keep lessons shorter to 30min and be better at setting expectations at the beginning of lessons.  To add, we have been focusing more on teaching simply and having members with us to fellowship and testify.  Due to this, the visits we have been having have been more packed with the Spirit, even if we haven't given as much doctrine.  

I am beginning to find that as we are sticking closer to what PMG teaches, the more success we have as missionaries.  Plus, being real people instead of weird robotic "hi we are missionaries (or members) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" repeating individuals, it is much easier to find people who are interested in talking to us!

This week is a little more laid back.  So I'll send you pictures!  

The Sepulvida Family gave us nice sweaters! I got a really nice red one!

From Grandma Hale!

Yummy enchaladas!

 I got others that I will send next week!

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