Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving (the holiday) and Transfers (me and Elder Thurber are staying together)

So this past week was a blast, a refiner, and full of many other great memories.

So we had the two district meeting dynamic duo.  We started with Elder Hepler's district that consisted of a great deal of giggling and laughter.  Who would've guessed that putting 6 Sister missionaries together would yield such a reaction? (hint of sarcasm)  As a fun little joke, Elder Hepler put up the opening song as hymn #203 Angels we have heard on high, but I played #152 God be with you till we meet again, because Sister Fleener and Adams are going home next week. Got a good laugh.

Later in the night we met with [a sister] again.  She is opening up more with us and explaining the experience she is having.  Her mom, in short, has treated her poorly throughout her childhood and she has had a difficulty with handling the situation. (I can't blame her) But this builds my testimony that I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that as we can overcome trials and difficulties.  The biggest and most crucial points to apply the Atonement is through keeping His commandments.  Of the many we can see, the most common would be that we must build a relationship with Him.  We must develop our love for our Lord our God and to our neighbor.  I have found the best way to do this is through daily and sincere prayer, daily scripture study, and weekly and faithful church attendance.  This past week she was given the guidance given is that she goes to the temple and prays for guidance on the temple grounds.  She has shown a lot of commitment and we pray that she can continue on the road back to conversion.

One other person that I want to mention is another investigator we have, his name is [E].  He has been taught for many months and has had a running theme of a lack of faith and no hope.  Many missionaries have had many spiritual lessons with him and have done much to help him, but little progress was made.  We felt a few weeks ago to visit the less active member that lives with him.  That night we had a really spiritual lesson with the member and set a return appointment.  The next visit we had another lesson that was great with [E].  Fast forward through them going to church and the temple visitors center.  We showed up to teach [E] and the man that showed little hope and was with shaggy hair and a grown out beard, had cleaned himself up and had a glimmer in his eye of greater light and that hope had filled in some of his emptiness.  We're still working with him and good things are in his future.

I am finding that the spirit of Christmas is so important.  When I got the Christmas tree, it was put together and decorated in no time.  When the lights turned on... something special touched me.  I remember the wonderful feeling that comes as the Spirit touches our hearts during this Christmas season.  It feels like part of my soul that yearned to serve, has bloused into greater bloom.  I am going to take advantage to invite a greater Spirit into this year.  Nothing better than helping others find the love of Christ directly centered on them.  That is the goal, help as many as possible feel the love of Christ.

The Martinez family, who we ate dinner with (we had dinner with two families) it was super delicious!

Elder Nathan Benson

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