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Amar y Servir

Monday, May 23, 2016

Working Effectively Doesn't Mean Filling Your Day with More "To Do's"

Working Effectively Doesn't Mean Filling Your Day with More "To Do's"

Thanks dad for the amazing email on that analogy with the shell and the stages of life.  It was an answer to a prayer and gave me the right focus I need to fill out my mission right.  Mom, thanks for helping with college things.  That is an answer to prayers as well and I feel much more settled.  This will make it easier to stay focused and not preoccupied with college things while proselyting.  You both are stalwarts in my life.  I am glad I have you both.

So as mom has done so well to always praise me for my efforts, I have found my fire for writing poems be reignited, dad's poem was a great read.  So here is one I am currently working on.  When I get home I want to see different poem structures and find new ways to write.

The Divine Dove

A voice soft and delicate,
Heard clearly though inaudible.
Where nothing will replicate,
Which the world finds insensible.

The message is distinguished,
Be sure to give ear.
Wherein is the pain relinquished
a message soft and clear.

The voice is not its own,
But that of the master.
Such understanding has grown
When heed is given faster.

Behold the Holy Spirit,
Feel his presence grow.
Notice your soul be lit
As you see the revelation flow.

Your soul He will sanctify,
Of a once considered loss.
As to gold does fire purify
He removes all the dross.

No man is out of His reach
We only need to change.
Let him our hearts breach
And with our life, rearrange.

Of His power and majesty
No words can describe.
Nor the happiness so readily
To all does He provide.

To this member of the godhead 
This tribute has been borne
From one whom He readily lead
To show a Savior is borne.

I give thanks to him
For all that he has done
To fill a heart once dim
The light of God's Son.

This poem will be a favorite of mine, because my testimony will be borne within.  So I'll get to explaining the title.

So this past week was one of true sacrifice.  Throughout the whole week, we were fighting a lack of motivation and great frustration.  This has been an interesting cycle on my mission because I have noticed a pattern.  When I first get into an area, the first third of the experience has required work.  Diligent and dedicated work.  Nothing resulted to a great degree, with the exception of my first area with Elder Taylor.

As I have been in this area, there was the usual 2-3 weeks getting adjusted and familiarizing myself with the Ward and investigators.  We spent time dropping a lot of investigators that weren't progressing and revising our planning process.  By week four we were running a high average in key indicators, with the exception of sacrament meeting attendance.  We were getting by week five an average of about 3-4 people on date (which is nearly double of standards of excellence, a mission-wide standard).  However, right when it seemed like we were on track to having some baptisms in the beginning of June and a good number on date for the latter part, we have found ourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This progressed through the week and we took turns taking the heat.  I would have a hard night and wasn't capable of doing anything but just taking a relaxing exercise from Adjusting to Missionary life and going to sleep.  Or Elder Quaresma taking a really hard hit Sunday night to today.  He was so stressed and wasn't giving himself a chance to rest and relax (because he didn't feel that he had done enough or was good enough at something) that most of Monday he was vomiting and full of diarrhea.  He tried going out for a few hours, which resulted in an amazing lesson with a 70 yr old man who has been married to an active Mormon wife for nearly 50 years, nearly crying and full of the Spirit.  He even said it himself "I guess that might be some sort of sign huh?". Following another puking session and diarrhea, he tried to go for another hour, despite my efforts to persuade him to rest.  He lasted only 45min and had to go back.  The rest of the night was really hard for him.  

When it came time to sleep, me and Elder Bunn were talking and he came out of the bedroom in tears asking for us to stop talking.  He couldn't sleep and his whole body was hurting.  He couldn't understand what was happening and mentioned that nothing like this has ever happened before.  

He asked me to pray for him.  

And so I did.

I can say it was one of the best prayers I have ever offered on my mission.  Words came out of my mouth that I haven't used scarcely before.  Faith was in every statement, and the honest communication felt like the most open prayer that I have offered with God.  It was as if He was there with us and we were in conversation explaining the situation and asking for his aid.  Before the prayer was concluded, he was calm, relaxed and soon after was able to fall asleep.

The power of prayer is more than asking or giving thanks.  It is enabling power that allows us to connect with our Father in Heaven, a power which opens the channels between this probationary state to a light that can illuminate any darkened or troubled soul.  As we continue to learn how to open the flood gates, which we readily hold back, we can find a greater sense of purpose in this life and an ever more personal connection with our Father.

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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