Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

This week was a testimony builder for me.  To many factors, one of the greatest being Elder Quaresma.  So this week we had so many lessons
scheduled and we were excited, however, as the week progressed, we
find that nearly all of our lessons were being canceled.  We just
didn't understand why.  I knew that it was the will of God and that we
should accept what he desires, but what Elder Quaresma did changed my
whole perspective entirely on what it means to respect the will of
God.  Even though we were running into cancelation after cancelation,
this missionary never gave up.  He continued to call and set up
appointments, get members set for every lesson.  He would pray
earnestly that we could reach our goals for the week and find those
that would help us achieve them.  He worked harder and prayed more
earnestly as things seemed more dreer.  Even when it seemed like we
had done everything we could, he would always go one step further.
One prayer more, one more phone call, one more invitation to hear a
message of Jesus Christ.

As Saturday came, we were short on multiple levels to accomplish what
we set out to do.  However, we had many lessons that were set.  We had
more than just lessons.  We had miracles.  Saturday we had all the
lessons needed and at church we hit our goal to investigators at
church. The prayers were all answered in full!!

Throughout the whole night Saturday we had Michael Vasquez with us.
This man has gone through so much and is fighting to get through
personal trials.  At the end of the night to take him home, he
mentioned that in our last visit, which was completely in Spanish, he
felt a special Spirit so strong. "That one, for some reason, really
hit me."  What took me buy surprise, was when Elder Quaresma asked if
we could share a quick 5 minute lesson with him as well.  Michael
accepted and we shared a video of President Uctdorf on the story of
the Ugly Duckling in helping us to discover "our true identity."  The
Spirit was so sweet in that setting and at the end he offered the
closing prayer.  In his prayer, he mentioned of his struggles and his
sincere desires.  This reminded me of a trial that I had in my youth.
I remembered the one thing, out of everything I did, that helped me
overcome this trial.  It was reading in the Book of Mormon daily.  So,
with this, I invited Michael to do the very same thing.  To read in
the Book of Mormon every day, and if he did so, assuring that he did
not miss a day, he would have the strength to overcome the temptations
he has been experiencing.  Even if he may falter, not to give up
either, each time we fall down we can and will have the power to stand

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

24 de Abril de 2016, Baptism of Susana Lyman Meza!!

- Luis velasco and sister Freer made it possible so that we could go
down to the baptism. Such a wonderful experience before and after
getting to know them. Truly remarkable people.  While I was on the
ride back, I got talking with sister freer on my father, Ryan Benson,
my hero.  The more I explained who my father was and is, I had a deep
sense of gratitude and humility to recollect what my father had gone
through to provide for me and my life.  He, along with my angel
mother, sacrificed so much so that I could have more than comfortable
life and bright future.  I will be forever grateful for what he has
done for me.  I look up to that man as my greatest hero, as far as
imperfect human beings go that is. :)

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