Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, January 18, 2016

Busy Week, I got Sick, Rosario was Baptized

This week I'll tell you about Rosario.  She was visited a few times by
Elders before, but they had never answered the door.  As time went on,
she was given as a referral by her mom, who had been baptized over 40
years ago, that was coming back to activity in the church.  The
missionaries that originally gave us the referral were the English
sisters.  They taught her for two lessons, but Rosario didn't
understand it as much as she would've liked to.  So they sent us over.

Meeting her was an uplifting experience. For the five or so weeks that
we were teaching her, it all went in a flash.  We visited with her
every Wednesday morning at 10 and Saturday at 1.  Calling all the
members we could and always having the one brother that we could rely
on for Wednesday and many others that were willing to come and help on
Saturday to provide that support.  We would always leave her a
pamphlet to read and other times a scripture.  When we came back,
without even asking, she would start talking about what she learned
from the chapter that we left her.   I could say that there were
moments where I realized that if there is anyone that has a desire to
grow closer to God, it is not that hard to set apart that time.  She
is a great example of someone of faith and sacrifice.

Last night she was baptized.  It was a special moment.  However, what
made it truly special wasn't necessarily because we saw her go under
the water.  What made this moment one of the most special I have ever
experienced.  What I had the privilege of witnessing that Sunday night
was one of pure love.  Before and after the moment of her entering the
water the ward was aware of her situation with her family. (Her
husband isn't really in favor of her going to church and it is evident
in Rosario's eyes.  Almost every visit she would ask that we would
pray for her husband so that his heart could be softened.  He doesn't
believe in Christ and it is difficult for the family. We are keeping
them in our prayers and one day he will be given a great opportunity
to open his heart to the gospel as well.)  They all offered such
affectionate love towards her with open arms of support.  The outgoing
message to her was that as she had entered into the waters of baptism,
she gained 230 more members of her family.  Tears were flowing down
her cheeks.  As were many that bore powerful and sincere testimony of
how the church is a family, and together, we will be supported in our

Throughout all of this I started getting sick around Wednesday, which
was transfers.  I have a new companion, Elder Salinas, and we spent
about 3 hours making a great baptismal program.  It took a lot of
phone calls and a few last minute cancelations and help from others,
but it turned out well.  I am pretty sure that contributed to the
stress because I came down with the cold.  So for most of Saturday and
Sunday I was sleeping.  I went to sacrament meeting just so we could
partake of the sacrament, approve the baptismal program we made, go to
PEC, and also see who went.  Then we had dinner with some members, who
gave me some alkasesr plus which helped a lot.  Following which we
were able to go to the Stake Center to prepare the baptismal font and
the adjacent room.  I would say all in all, it was a complete success.

I hope that Haley gets better soon, she will be in my prayers.  I
always value her and Brooke so much and I am so inspired by how much
they do.  Great job Haley on the painting!  It turned out really well!

Rosario, Aaron, Abril, me, Elder Salinas, and her son not in the
picture Mauricio.

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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