Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I'm Tired, I've Grown, and I am Happy

This week was one where I learned a lot of lessons about who I am, who I really am.  As I have been with Elder Thurber I have found that many moments in my life have shaped me and have refined me into a better man, a better person.

Throughout my mission I have come to know many great people that have had a great influence on my life.  Some for four and a half months, or just 6 weeks.  Each one was placed perfectly in order to help mold me and shape me.  Some were just building the rough outline and setting expectations and standards with me.  Others were fine detail givers.  And some took out big chunks at a time.  My companion, Elder Thurber, contributed to each of these methods of refinement.

Elder Thurber, who is now home with his family.  Has changed my life.  He has greatly influenced who I will become in my life.  He spent countless hours with me building me up, resolving concerns, taking erred thinking and brought it to light, he critiqued and did his best not to criticize,  he showed love and didn't leave me feel despised.  I learned a lot of great lessons on how to be a hard working and working smart individual.  He not only showed what I needed to work on, but how I could do it better.  

My responses to him weren't always the best, but he loved me all the rest.  I cannot comprehend the love that emanated from him, but this pure love of Christ filled me to the Brim.  Thank you Elder Thurber for all you did.  I will always consider you one of my kin.

Today we are seeing the way we do missionary work alter a little bit in how certain things will be carried out.  For us, we will be cutting back on meetings and implementing a new process on how full-time missionaries and member missionaries will be working together.  Transfer meetings no longer exist.  They will be just simple hand-offs, more along the lines what the White Handbook portrays. We will also be seeing many more trainings coming our way for Elder Oaks new mindset. (He is the Apostle over missionary work now) 

Elder Thurber with Rosario.  She is our investigator that will be baptized this following Sunday.  I will give a greater detailed story of Rosario next week.

Elder Benson (left to right) Elder Elliot and Hepler rocking the Trio life for the day.

The Group of Me , Hna Argyle, and Elder Sperry had been officially disbanded with Hna Argyle going home. :'(

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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