Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Modern day miracle after service

So lately I have been feeling better all around as a missionary and that I have been looking more outward and not being so self centered.  As I have done this I have found  more joy and success in the work of the Lord.  This night, however, was a little more special.

We were going to do some visits and we had some success in contacting people.  We even had a lesson and set a return appointment with a new investigator, Eric Ledezma.  As we were going around, I had the idea to go and get some Pete's Fish and Chips to get some Orchata to give to the Garden Lakes/Crystal Gardens sisters.  They have been having little work and I figured that it would cheer them up a bit.  As we were going to drop off the drinks, I noticed something in my pocket on my rain jacket.  It was funny because I had worn it many times before and hadn't put anything into it prior, nor had I noticed anything being in there.  As we were walking away from the apartment to the car, I decided to take a look to see what was in my pocket.

As I reached in I felt something rectangular and I thought it was maybe a set of keys or something.  However, when I pulled the object out of my pocket, I found something else.  I was so shocked I had no idea how it got there.  It was the iPod my parents gave me back when I was with Elder Vidal!  I had it with me occasionally outside of the apartment and one day it just disappeard.  I literally looked through everything I had.  I legitimately have no idea how I could have overlooked it or have missed it in nearly 10 months.  I have worn that raincoat multiple times as well.  The only explanation is that it was a modern miracle in that God answered prayers almost a year ago in response through my selfless service to others.  In that I am left without words as to how this came to be.  But I will be forever grateful for this blessing He has given me to answer my prayers and to show his love for me.  This is truly the biggest penny I have found on my mission. (I will explain the penny on the ground communication from God to me) 

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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