Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let's get down to work; Marriage "wuv tuwo wav iz what brings us togeva today", After that you can be Baptized

Febrero 11, 2016

Entrevista con presidente Griffin "yo quiero que crea en su mismo"  We were fortunate and were able to have interviews with President Griffin this week.  One of the things that he told me was that I had "carried [my] fair share of the load", saying that I have worked hard and worked well.  The only thing that he wants me to be able to take home, if it was the only other thing, was that I would believe in myself.  To me that is something that I would not be to against that idea.  I would agree with him.  It is like the whole idea that we have to love others as you love yourself.  You have to truly love yourself if you want to truly love others.  Same could be applied to faith.  You cannot have faith in God that he can help you achieve something if you dont' even believe in yourself in the first place.

Febrero 13, 2016

Service moving rocks for 3 hrs. (1hr 15min the whole pile). That is something we have started to try and take more advantage of here.  It is called JustServe.  So we spread this pile out pretty fast.  It reminded me a lot of when we would move mulch for those long periods of time... And even more time... And even more time... Till it was finally manageable.  I definitely miss doing that.  Good memories doing yard work. 

Abril's Birthday party, Rosario's daughter, turned out really well.  The Ward supported and some of the members went and talked with Rosario's husband, who has been infadoso lately.  Turns out, one of the members had actually taught him with the missionaries before a few years back.  The discussion turned out well and they hopefully can keep working with him so that he may one day come around and open up to accepting the gospel in his life as well.  Besides, April was super happy that Elder Salinas and I came and said happy birthday.  Especially when we gave her a fish that our neighbors gave us after we helped them move.
(It was a beta fish)

Febrero 14, 2016

Sunday was Mariana's baptism.  As we prepared, there was a lot of things that happened that made it a great day.  Starting from getting just a few minutes late to PEC and the bishopric joking about us being late to us seeing an extremely big amount of investigators at church today (just Elder Salinas and I had 8!)  Then we were late to their wedding (which we didn't realize that we needed to be there) but it all worked out to be full of the Spirit.  I felt something so special when they made the covenant.  It gave me such a sensation of confirmation that this is what God wanted them to do and that he was content. 

Then we had the baptism.  Another wonderful Spirit was felt, even though some of us had little slip ups.  As Obispo Cid and Mariana got in the water, the cold water because the water heater doesn't work, the most surreal experience filled my heart.  Out of everything that Mariana has had to go through through these almost 2 years, she was finally able to enter the water and begin her new life of the covenant.  From someone who is so serious almost no joke can get her to even grin, she was al smiles tonight.

We also shared the video of when Jesus was baptized.  As we were sharing our testimonies, Hna Navas put a face as to indicate that I needed to smile, which put a big smile on my face.  As we were watching the video I was reminded of what we were learning in the Gospel Principles class on what talked about repentance.  What came to my understanding is that I lacked something.  When John the Baptist was baptizing  both Jesus and other faithful saints that desired to be obedient to the Father.  One thing that stuck out to me was how John showed so much love to those that made this covenant.  I have felt that love from time to time.  A love that one feels for those around him, just as Christ feels love for everyone of us.  There has not been anything so sweet as having experienced that more profoundly for a greater group of people down here in Arizona.

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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