Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transfers, Baptisms for the dead, 12 investigators @Ch

So transfers are upon us once again after a quick fly by of what doesn't even feel like 6 weeks. (Hopefully this next 7 transfer week can slow it down a bit :). Right now I am a little surprised because I had only been with Elder Salinas for a whole transfer.  Which is a bit of a bummer because we had a lot of fun and made some good changes in the Estrella ward.  Now I get to host another amazing companion which I get to meet tomorrow.  (President called and told us who the new missionaries in our zone will be, of the which 8 missionaries are getting transferred!  All but one companionship will be getting a new missionary!). My companion will be Elder Studyvan.  He is a missionary that has been out since July.  I'm pretty excited.

Fun moment.  We were able to take Rosario, our recent convert who was baptized back in January, to do baptisms for the dead.  It was super fun and Rosario was able to get over her fears and have an enjoyable experience.  By the end, she was making a lot of jokes and full of laughs. 

So this past week I got sick on Friday and had to stay in Saturday-Monday.  So we weren't able to get much work done.  However,  the Lord didn't lose a pace.  When we passed by an investigators house, Luz, that we visited Thursday, she said she would come to church.  With a little skip in our step and tissues in my nose and pocket, we tucked ourselves onto a bench so I wouldn't get anyone else sick.  As the sacrament meeting began, Mariana and her husband came, along with Rosario and her kids.  So Luz didn't come we were bummed, but we were still able to participate in the conferring to the gift of the Holy Ghost to Mariana. 

As the sacrament meeting progressed, we sung the first hymn and we're going through announcements and moving onto the sacrament.  While we were singing we had a pleasant surprise.  Luz and the 5 kids that were with her came walking in!  I was so pleased to see them there because we've been working with Luz for a period of time and she has been doing everything we have invited her to do, including praying about whether she should be baptized.  So we finished the meeting, we tried to hurry over before they could sneak away and go home. (One thing that happens is that once they are out the doors, they are gone, a very small chance of getting them to walk back in.).  So we were working through the members with our Ward mission leader, and we saw here leave the sacrament room.  We tried to hurry, but I felt that we were a little to slow.

But I was met with another marvelous sight.  The members were all over them and were already taking them to the classes!  We didn't even have time to even say it was nice to see them.  Turns out, some of them had daughters that were friends going to the same school and another member, who is a returning less active, totally took Luz under her arm straight to class as if they were friends.  The gospel principles class went really well, thanks to the second counsellor in the stake presidency teaching.  He taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and gave a powerful message on the blessings and the reasons why those investigating the church should be baptized.  I am pretty sure that after that lesson that all of our investigators, especially Mariana's husband, are much more motivated to enter into the covenant and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  I am honestly impressed and humbled to be fortunate enough to be able to serve in this Ward.  

I've been waiting for over a year to take this picture!  Yeah I can walk on water.... Sorta...

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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