Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, February 29, 2016

So I've got a New Compañero, Dimos un Discurso el Domingo, Prefiero Español

So I've got a new companion named Elder Studyvin. He is quite the goof but it makes it fun and exciting. It was quite funny how we got into speaking Spanish most of the time as well.  One thing that is important to know is that there are a good amount of companionships that typically start out mostly Spanish for about a week. Following which is regresses to a mix and English eventually speaks more.  However, when Elder Studyvin said "hola!" a switch flipped in my head and I started speaking to him in Spanish.  

Last night with one of the youth was the first time we had a conversation in English since Wednesday. I'm liking all this Spanish.

So someone we've been working with is named Luz.  She is a super cool mom of 6 kids, which is quite a handful.  We went by to visit her to see how she was doing Saturday night, because we've been trying to keep in contact with her.  When we were talking to her at the front door, there were some kids playing on the side yard.  She told them to not kick the ball around, and it seemed like she had been worn out that day from a lot of work and trying to be patient with them.  As we turned back to invite her to church, we heard a ball kicked then a crash and some shattering. 

It was like we were in a movie.

As soon as that happened, she put a big smile on her face, but was evident she wasn't happy. We knew what she meant and she said to pray for her so that she doesn't "kill her kids" because that was the 6th window broken that month.  Just as she told us this one of her little boys said that not one, but two windows were broken.  Yep it made sense why she was still asleep when we passed by in the morning before church to invite her.  The son told us that she had a bad headache and was really worn out.  So we left an invitation to a baptism the Hermana's in the Ward were having. 

It was a great baptism. Turns out that one of our investigators that has been really hesitant to accept a baptismal date, despite many missionaries passing by for 2-years and his wife wanting to get married and baptized since day one.  While he didn't go to church, after the baptism he didn't want to leave because he loved the Spirit that he felt there.  Hopefully that can help him realize what is waiting for him.

The work continues to progress. I'm working to have a greater focus on 
Christ.  The talk I gave this past Sunday in Sacrament meeting which talked on that very subject.  The theme basically talked about how in the first part of my mission I felt that is missed something and I couldn't figure out what it was.  As I continued throughout my mission, I did everyone I could to be happy and be the best I could.  What came to my full attention was that my focused was a little erred. The focus that I have been able to attain that has changed my enjoyment of my mission by a large margin, is putting my focus completely on no longer improving myself for personal benefit, but placing it on Christ.  I can honestly say that I have not been so worried and stressed nearly as much, but have been getting so much more done and enjoying life so much more.

Christ really is the Center of Everything. The more that we can come to recognize this, we come to see what our life was truly made to become. To be fill with joy.

Some iPad shot of the sunset :)

🌅 Elder Nathan Benson 🌅

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