Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Do you love your family?"

I love that point you made and that revelation you received about
having the Light of Christ.  It's no small task to accomplish this in
it's fullness. Yet I testify we that we can accomplish this. And it is
through our faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. And through his
atoning sacrifice we are not only forgiven from our sins from our
sincere desire to change, but we can also be strengthened beyond what
our physical capacity can comprehend or achieve. You may be down or
disappointed for your one hour of underperformance, but let me tell
you this. You are an exceptional women and even better mother.  You
and dad have taught me so many valuable and important things that I
have been able to apply on my mission. Along with little simple things
that helped me greatly as well (cleaning, cooking, eating healthy, etc.).
I am grateful for all of you love for me and even more than showing it
to me, but showing you love unto our Father in Heaven who has truly
blessed our lives in more ways than we could ever imagine.

I'm short on time but here is a little update of this past week.  The
families we are teaching that were basically thrown into our laps (all
of them) are developing so well, they never cease to impress us if
their desire to learn more about the gospel and feel f his love in
their live more fully. 

One of our investigators went up and bore her
testimony in church! We also have been working on giving the baptismal
invitation in every lesson and it is showing a lot of success!  There
was one man whose wife had been baptized and their family is on
different levels of spirituality. His wife had been receiving the
lessons and received baptism, but he never committed to anything. And
to talk about certain people come to spirit in a certain way to unlock
the hearts of certain people.  We were talking with him and the lesson
was aimed at the daughter who is really close to accepting baptism,
and like I was a mouth piece I almost out of the blue asked him two
very inspired and simple questions "do you love your family?" "So do
you want to live with them forever?"  After he said yes to both, Elder
Taylor invited him to baptism. He said yes! We didn't set a date, but
he said yes to something we never thought he would!

The spirit has been working very strong with the people we have been
teaching, which is just what we want because it means that these
people are becoming converted unto The Lord and not us as

Love you guys!!!!! La iglesia es verdadero y nos ama mucho!!!!!

Elder Nathan Benson

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