Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, September 29, 2014

Yared and Jarell get baptized.

We baptized Yared and Jarell, 15 and 10, last Saturday and confirmed them yesterday! I got to baptize and confirm Jarell. (All in Spanish) it was awesome! The spirit was there is a way that was hard to discern but such a peaceful and joy bringing feeling.  One thing that was cool about the baptism is what happened after. Right when we finished, about 5 min later it poured down like a waterfall outside! It rained so hard it started coming through the doors of the church and starting leaking thorough the ceiling in the gym. It was crazy.

The Spanish has been quite an experience as well. There have been times where I can speak well and understand the majority of what people say. Then other times it is quite the contrary. I continue to try to improve everyday and the progress comes. At times the progress is almost impossible to see, but if I allow myself to get discouraged that is when Satan gains control and I lose the Spirit.

We have a great area as well. Since we went out with Elder Corbridge we have put 6 on date for baptism. The people are amazing and so ready to receive the gospel. Hopefully they can continue strong through baptism and through the temple.

I have dropped to 168 lbs yesterday! Booya! And I can touch my toes in the hamstring stretch now! I've been a lot better about my health, thanks to a companion who likes to exercise. I also am cooking a lot. I make pancakes almost every morning and even French toast once! I am going to try to make tuna melts tonight. Thanks for teaching me how to cook mom. I absolutely love cooking now. And it's way cheaper to cook.

Elder Benson

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