Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Corbridge (cont.)

He said that some of our weaknesses can be a great strength. How does
that work? He was talking about my Spanish. It is easy to tell that I
am new to Spanish. He said that my new Spanish requires much more
attention. When someone is fluent it is easy to tune out because it
doesn't take much brain power to focus. But since my Spanish isn't
that good they have to pay much more attention. So I have people's
attention and it also opens the door to the spirit because they are
involved in the lesson more, trying to understand what I am saying.

The next visit were Yared y Jarell, the two that got baptized this
past Saturday and confirmed Sunday. We had challenged Yared to write
about her feelings about the lessons we have taught them and the
church and also her baptism. She showed it to Elder Corbridge and he
read it a loud. We forgot one little point.... She likes to write....
A LOT.  It took him about 5 min to read it all. It was amazing at
describing what conversion was like and how we come unto God, but yes
it was long. The family was absolutely awestruck and took in every
second of it. We had a great lesson that was very spiritual. We talked
about the tree of life a little bit with our lesson, and how the fruit
of the tree was like taking a bite, was baptism. After the lesson I
was complemented on another aspect of my teaching. He liked how I
jumped between English and Spanish to make sure that Jarell was
following along, because kids here study English and know it better
than Spanish. I also got the complement from sister Corbridge that I
look like one of their twin grandkids that is two or three years old.
Hmm.... Cool!! I guess that means we got on their good side! Hehe

What was more cool is that we were complemented quite a few times in
the missions tour in front of that half of the mission that was there.
What was more amazing is that they had a leadership meeting after and
Elder Taylor was in it (being a District Leader) and he remembered
every single name of the people we taught the night before! Even I am
still working on that, and he only heard some of their names once!
That just shows that he was called of God to do His work and that
great gifts and abilities are given to them to progress the work. I am
super grateful for that amazing opportunity and I learned so much from
those two days.

Just to show that we were inspired, we have put 6 more people on date
with his method of teaching. Not only that, but the lessons have been
much more spiritual and we have much more investigators that are
amazing people. Love you guys! Keep focused on what is most important.
Doing the things that will allow us to return to our father in heaven
in the kingdom, the celestial kingdom. Where we can be together

Elder Benson

We got a haircut today.  What do you think?  Live celestial lives!

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