Amar y Servir

Amar y Servir

Monday, September 15, 2014

My companion, Elder Taylor, is an awesome missionary!

The mission has been great!  I definitely agree with the
statement that these will be the best two years FOR my life not OF my
life.  This mission has really pushed me into things that I would
never would've imagined. But it has been so rewarding.  I feel like I
have developed so much in these short two months and I am starting to
understand how to become a consecrated missionary. I am grateful for
what The Lord has blessed me with, and I hope that I will continue to
be humble enough to accept whatever thing he gives me.

The lessons have been awesome and quite the contrary. But I only have
time for positive. We have 2 on date! They are developing by
themselves. We have no part in it, which is what it should be! I'll
fill you in about how they do. They are definitely going to be

My companion, Elder Taylor, is an awesome missionary! He is everything
that I aspire to be as a missionary.  Exact obedience, humble, hard
working, way fun, and spiritually in tune. ( and fluent in Spanish)
but having a district leader that knows that his position doesn't put
him on a pedestal has been a great example to me.

I have officially dropped down to 168ish and now my thighs have gotten
quite a bit bigger since I got here. My jeans that were baggy fit my
thighs snuggly.

Stay strong in The Lord, he is our strength, our drive, our courage,
our habilities, our growth, our patience and love. But most
importantly, our Father in Heaven.  May we all keep Him in our
thoughts and actions and the way we live. In the name of Jesus Christ

Elder Nathan Benson

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